Hosting a corporate party at some point in the future? It’s a great way to let your employees relax and let their hair down. We’ve put together some great ideas for you to make sure your event goes off with a bang. Let’s take a look at our top ten creative corporate party ideas.

1.) Keep it a secret

Everyone loves a surprise, so why not treat your employees with a secret party? You can hire a coach and drive them out to an undisclosed location – and perhaps leave them some little clues in the build-up to the event.

2.) Decide on a theme

Theming your party can be a great way of bringing everyone together. You can base your theme around a movie, perhaps, or use a more generic theme like ‘superheroes’ or ‘favorite movie characters.’

3.) Your Company Name Here] Has Talent

Are there some employees at your workplace that have hidden talents? Why not find out by holding a talent show and giving them the opportunity to wow their colleagues? Performing isn’t for everyone, of course, so make sure you have enough interested parties before deciding on this one! 4.) Organize some games In our experience, the best corporate parties are well organized with plenty of fun activities. And, nothing is more fun than arranging some fun games that everyone can partake in. Keep it light-hearted, of course, and avoid anything too competitive for the best results.

5.) Do something for charity

Make sure you use your event or party to give something back to your community. People are much more likely to get involved with all the fun if it is for a good cause. Also, it gives your company a chance of doing something worthwhile – which is great for employee morale.

6.) Make some noise

We’ve had some wonderful musical parties here at Brookshire in the past. It’s a great way to get people together and also helps them learn a new skill. Something like an African drumming lesson for all your employees can be an enjoyable experience!

7.) Cooking competition

Cooking competitions are all the rage on TV these days. So, why not bring that same experience to the corporate party? It’s a lot of fun if you can find a venue with the right facilities.

8.) Bring back Soul Train!

Remember the Soul Train show? Why not arrange something similar for your employees for your next corporate party? All you need is a DJ and some brave members of staff with some half-decent dance moves!

9.) Hold a High School Yearbook contest

Remember your high school yearbook and how everyone was given ‘best’ or ’worst’ in class? Why not come up with a range of contests for your corporate party? Avoid anything too cruel, though – enjoyment and fun is the key, here.

10.) Cocktail making

Of course, alcohol often goes hand-in-hand with corporate parties. So, why not give your employees the chance of creating a cocktail of their own? It doesn’t even need to be alcoholic – there are plenty of fantastic cocktails out there for the non-drinkers.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

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