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While weddings are always beautiful year-round, there is something special about the unique charm of a winter wedding.  

For couples aiming to have their dream wedding within a specific budget or timeframe, opting for a winter wedding date is a great alternative to dates in the traditional warmer months of the year.  

There are numerous reasons to move forward with a winter date, but the most primary reasons come down to the availability and affordability of your desired venue and vendors, who both play a pivotal role in bringing your special day to life. Added benefits include picturesque winter landscapes, cozy indoor ambiance, and unique decor styles!  

For couples still deciding whether a winter date is right for them, we encourage you to learn more about the true advantages and unique characteristics that define the winter wedding season.  

Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie - Benjamin Britton Photography

Benjamin Britton Photography  

Less Stress Over Venue & Vendor Availability

One of the initial challenges couples often encounter at the start of wedding planning is securing a venue with dates open for their desired season or weekend. However, venues typically offer a wider array of options for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday dates during the November-March period, even for couples operating under tighter timelines.  

Even more so, winter tends to be a quieter season for wedding vendors such as photographers, videographers, musicians, etc. If you have a specific vendor you have dreamed of booking for your day, chances are their schedule is more accommodating for a winter date.  

Securing your preferred venue and vendors without the constraint of limited availability and options can help relieve some of the initial stress of wedding planning. Even more so, opting for an all-inclusive wedding package with a BTTS venue ensures that essential services such as catering, DJ services, and florals are already available for you through our amazing in-house providers.  

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Special Pricing 

For couples hoping to stay within a specific budget for their all-inclusive wedding, winter weddings often come with enticing perks such as discounted pricing, reduced minimums, and complimentary enhancements.  

For venues with indoor and outdoor options, winter couples have the privilege of enjoying the same gorgeous venue property and inclusions at a lower price point and lower cost per guest. With reduced overall wedding expenses, couples can focus on other fun aspects of their winter wedding, such as selecting a captivating color palette or incorporating winter-themed decor to wow their guests. 

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Seasonal Decor & Aesthetics 

Finally, winter weddings carry a certain magic that is unique to this time of year. With a winter wedding, couples can embrace styles and aesthetics unique to the season and them. We personally love seeing weddings that fuse darker color palettes with seasonal florals and greenery, perfectly complimenting the ambiance of the colder winter months. 

Opting for a winter ceremony also eliminates the stress associated with weather-dependent decisions regarding indoor versus outdoor setups. Wedding venues specializing in winter ceremonies typically offer designated indoor spaces that can be decorated to compliment the season, ensuring a memorable ceremony experience.  

Other winter-inspired decor we love includes:  

  • Abundant candlelight and warm indoor lighting. Think candle centerpieces, hanging twinkling lights, and outdoor lighting paired together to give your venue a warm and cozy glow.
  • Additional greenery accents such as evergreen or fir branches can enhance table centerpieces, fireplace mantels, and decorative signage, bringing your indoor spaces a touch of winter charm.
  • Neon signs! Custom or themed neon signs as vibrant focal points or delightful backdrops for wedding photos add a touch of contemporary flair to the winter aesthetic.

Next Steps 

Brookshire Event Venue’s spacious ballroom, newly renovated veranda, and cozy getting-ready suites make it the ideal setting for a winter wedding of any size.  

Our all-inclusive wedding packages simplify the planning process for our couples, providing everything needed for a seamless wedding day experience, no matter the season. From catering to bar service, and with the assistance of your designated Venue Coordinator, we have you covered! 

Contact us today to embark on your journey to an all-inclusive experience and winter wedding of your dreams.  

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