Team Building Activities That Are Sure To Entertain At Your Next Company Party

When your team is able to collaborate and cooperate together, they will produce better work and carry out that work more efficiently as a team. Building your team and making it possible for employees to collaborate and work together in this way is not always easy. Here are some great team-building activities that are sure to entertain and bind your team closer together.

Scavenger Hunt

This is an easy one to do. You just need to split your team into groups and give them clues that lead them to treasures that they have to hunt. They will then have to work together in their teams to get the best outcomes and win the hunt. It’s a great way to get people communicating and working together. Having a bit of competition in the mix will certainly help things along too. Everyone will be eager to win.

Win, Lose, or Draw

Win, lose or draw is a game that involves two teams battling it out to win a prize. The teams nominate an artist who is switched each round. The artist has to draw a list of things while their fellow team members have to guess what’s being drawn. It can be good to make lists specific to your business or industry.

The Minefield

If you want to improve the trust that your team members have in each other, playing the minefield is a great idea. Mines, which can be cones or any small item, are placed on the floor, and then one person is blindfolded. The other people in their team then have to guide them around the mines. This builds trust and improves workplace relationships. That trust should carry forward into future work that’s done.

True or False

Getting to know the people you work with can be difficult. That’s why it’s important to find a fun way of doing it. True or false is fun because each team member has two facts about themselves. One is true, and the other is false. It’s up to their colleagues to guess which is which. Your team members will learn new things about each other, and their relationships should improve as a result. It’s a good way of breaking down barriers.


There’s nothing better than a testing physical activity to get your team working together and pulling their weight. Dragon-boating is fun, but it requires a group of people to work together in order to steer the boat and stay on course. Communication is key, and that can only be a good thing for your team in the long term because good communication always helps teams in the office. Spending some time outdoors together can also be great for your team.

Salt and Pepper

You start by thinking of opposites that can be linked together, such as salt and pepper or night and day. Each person in the team then has one of those words stuck to their back and they must ask each other yes or no questions to find out what’s on their back. Once they’ve done that, they need to find their opposite and pair up to complete the game. The first successful pair match wins. It’s a fun game, so give it a try.

Community Service

Sometimes, doing something positive and helpful can be the best way to bring everyone in the team together. There are all kinds of community service that your team can do. You could help out at a charity or pick up litter. Choose something that’s positive and that your team can do together. It’s something that everyone can be proud of.


Paintballing is something that is energetic and a lot of fun if everyone is willing to get involved. It can be played as a team game. So, split your team into two groups and let them battle it out. It’s competitive and collaborative because the teams have to work together if they want to win the game. After the game is done, they can all go out for a drink or something to eat and add a more social dimension to the experience.

Paper Plane Flying Contest

This might sound like the kind of activity that would be more suited to a child’s party. But there is something undeniably fun about throwing paper planes and seeing who can get them to fly furthest. If you want to inject some real fun into your next team-building exercise, this might be the best option out there. It allows people to relax, have a good time and get to know each other in a casual kind of way. 

Photo by Thirdman

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