Consider something different! Outdoor company picnics are an excellent way to bring everyone together as a team, yet allow your employees to enjoy time away from work without a rigidly structured atmosphere. Here are a few tips on hosting your next company picnic and planning the event that everyone will enjoy.

Why Choose a Company Picnic?

If you think about company get-togethers, you may be picturing those that have team-building exercises or organized activities. While there is nothing wrong with that, company picnics provide a great outlet. Here are a few reasons why a company picnic is ideal for your next corporate event.

  • It creates a fun atmosphere that promotes team building
  • It makes your company look positive to the employees
  • It builds morale
  • It is a casual event
  • The employees see that the company cares for them
  • It creates camaraderie between employees
  • It may be a chance to meet their families
  • Did we mention that the food is delicious?

Planning the Event

Of course, it’s all about the details so here are a few hints on how to plan your company picnic or event:

  • Start Early. You can never really start planning your event too early. This ensures that you have time to work out all of the details and take care of any issues that come up with scheduling an event that works for everyone’s busy life.
  • Plan the Theme. While your company picnic doesn’t have to have a set theme, it may add to the event. Whether it’s fun and games or you have a little bit of company history involved with the day, you want to know what will work best for your team members so that everyone has the best time. Consider s’mores by the firepit or cornhole games!
  • Show Enthusiasm. If you expect your employees to be enthusiastic about the company picnic, you need to show enthusiasm as well. Have flyers, printouts, or company emails that focus on the event and how awesome it will be. Include the employees’ families for the best turnout.

Choose the Perfect Venue

One of the major aspects of planning a successful company picnic is having a location that is ideal. It should have all of the amenities you need and something unique about it so that the event is special. When planning a company picnic in or near the Columbus, Ohio area, Brookshire’s indoor and outdoor venue is an excellent choice. Their corporate and private events are top-notch and everything is geared towards a relaxed, fun time. If the weather does not turn out, you’ll be taken care of by their beautiful indoor space. Here are just a few of the details and amenities you can expect:

  • Seating from 10 guests to 300 guests
  • Audio and visual capabilities (free WiFi, projector, 8×8 presentation screen, memo boards for brainstorming, conference calls, etc.)
  • In-house catering, pastry chef, bar options, and more
  • Professional staff includes meeting and event planners on-site that will do most of the work for you!
  • Free Parking

Brookshire is a family-owned business that offers a green venue with locally sourced, locally raised, and sustainable food items on our extensive menu. It is a venue that is close to accommodations but secluded and private with grounds that are stunning and perfect for photo opportunities.

The backyard has open-air patios, a small vineyard, and lush gardens. When it comes to the food, there are a number of excellent menus to choose from. For example, if you do want to keep the picnic theme in mind, the picnic menu features choices like sliders (cheeseburger and Carolina BBQ pulled pork sliders), hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats. You also get delicious sides, orzo pasta salad, house-made potato chips, fresh baked cookies, chocolate brownies, and a beverage station featuring water, iced tea, and coffee.

If you want to learn more about hosting your company picnic at Brookshire, simply contact us so we can answer any questions you might have. 

Photo by Marianna

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