You have been selected to coordinate your company’s next corporate event. You have a set budget, and you know relatively how many people are going to attend. At this point, that is about all of the information that you have. Where are you going to start? Let’s break down what kinds of things are important during your planning stage. After searching through venues, ask yourself these questions:


  • Does the location work for the attendees?
  • Are there ample free parking spots?
  • Are there airport shuttles available in case clients or employees are coming from out of town?
  • What hotels are in the area?
  • Will those hotels shuttle?
  • Will the venue make a good impression on my management?
  • What companies have they worked with in the past?

At Brookshire, each of the above items is taken care of for you. There are 180 free parking spots directly in front of the facility. Airport shuttles can be arranged either through Polaris area hotels or by utilizing Uber. Preferred Hotels include Cambria Suites and Hilton Garden Inn. The venue is decorated with a modern vibe and sure to please management. Brookshire has worked with Scholastic, Chase, Aler Stallings, Olentangy School District, and many more satisfied companies throughout the years.


  • How long will I need the venue for this event?
  • What is provided in the rental?
  • Are there breakout rooms if needed?
  • Are there ample restrooms?
  • Is the facility handicap accessible?

Brookshire is available for all-day meeting packages or simply by the hour. The facility will provide tables, chairs and linens, and will work with you to configure the room layout to suit your needs. There are multiple rooms available if you need to meet with attendees separately or break into groups.  Restrooms are available in the lobby close to all meeting rooms. The facility is located on one floor and handicap accessible.


  • Does the facility provide all necessary audio-visual equipment for this event?
    • This includes but is not limited to:
      • Clear and Effective Sound System
      • Wireless Projector
      • Screen
      • Microphone/Lapel
      • Necessary HDMI and Other Cords
      • Power Strips
  • Does the facility provide any special lighting?
  • Does the facility provide free and secure wifi?
  • Am I able to visit the facility prior to the meeting to test all audio-visual?

Amenities offered at Brookshire include a state-of-the-art bluetooth projector, screen, a new and advanced sound system as of November 2018, a microphone and/or lapel, necessary cords, complimentary secure wi-fi. Uplighting for each of the meeting rooms is provided to add company-inspired colors to your event. As mentioned above, Brookshire will provide an experienced coordinator on site to make sure that your meeting runs well. You are welcome to meet with that coordinator prior to your event date to make sure all audio visual needs are met. There is no need to worry about the technology aspect of the meeting or event, Brookshire’s newest investment will have you covered.


  • Is the catering in-house or will I need to find it elsewhere?
  • Are there customizable hot and cold options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breakout snacks?
  • Is there a bar available if we decide to enjoy a cocktail hour?
  • Are there non-alcoholic beverages available for the event?
  • When will I need to know our final count and menu selections?
  • Can they accommodate dietary restrictions?
  • Where is the food coming from and will it impress management?
  • Am I able to try the food prior to the event?
  • What are ideal dishes that will please the general mass of this event?

At Brookshire, the catering is in-house so you will not need to look outside of the meeting facility to provide food and drink. This ensures that the food remains hot and fresh. Brookshire will make it easy for you to stay in budget by offering three different meeting packages that include breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, and all-day beverage service. These are budgeted on a per person basis, so you can decide which plan will work for you based on how many people from your corporation will be attending. The all-day beverage service includes; water, coffee (both regular and decaffeinated), and iced and hot tea. Menus are provided for you to make choices that will fit the needs of your group. A bar can be added on for any cocktail hour events. Final count and menu selections are due 10 days prior to your event. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated at ease. All cuisine is made in-house by Gourmet Fresh catering service. It is thoughtfully crafted and sure to please management and clients. The catering options can be sampled prior to your event date and securing the venue. Brookshire’s team will work with you to pick out options that please the whole group. Your time is valuable during these meetings. Brookshire is here to help you make the most of your day. It’s important to keep everyone happy and energized to get business done.

Venue Visit

At Brookshire, we know it is imperative that you have selected the right place for your corporate event. You’re invited to join us at our location so you can see first hand how we can make your meeting a success. You can schedule a comprehensive venue visit when you contact us to book your event. Even if this is your very first time planning a corporate event, we can walk you through the various options so that your event is properly planned. Helping you plan your next corporate event would be an honor. Please contact us and we can answer any of your questions. 

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