Let’s talk about wedding photography. You have spent months planning your beautiful wedding and you will want to capture it in the best way possible. Your photographer will be close to you and your partner on your day and having an idea of your expectations will make your photographer’s job a little easier. 

How to Start

Begin by making a list of shots and moments throughout your day most important to both you and your partner. Your photographer will take note to capture those moments throughout the day. 

A few tips to help you and your photographer on the day:  

  • Nominate someone to help your photographer for grabbing all the right people for the family and group shots. A family member is perfect and will usually know everyone to help wrangle those guests!
  • Your photographer wants you to look your best and will keep an eye out on stray hairs or wilting flowers BUT ask a wedding party member to help too with a little emergency kit ready with odds and ends to keep you looking fresh. 
  • Take your ques from your photographer: best lighting or waiting for guests to get out of the background or a tip

It’s important to know that your wedding photography list is a guideline. As your day unfolds you may end up with a bit more and slightly different shots than expected but promise that’s the beauty of your wedding day that makes it unique for you!

Wedding Photography List Download

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