Rachel Hellerman, Director of Business Development

Rachel Hellerman

Director of Business Development

I grew up in Northeast Ohio where I attended Louisville High School and Kent State University. While working full-time & coaching high-school soccer, I met my best friend and keeper of my heart, Matt Hellerman. Together with our daughter Brynn, we love spending quality time supporting local restaurants and coffee shops, parks, and community events! We are looking forward to getting her on the ski slopes for the first time this year!

Fun Facts:

  1. I could eat a cheeseburger every day for the rest of my life and be living my best life.
  2. A weird superstition I have is that if I do not kiss my hand and then touch the plane before I board, it’s going down.
  3. I love birds – and yes, if asked, I will perform my favorite bird call.

Favorite Quote:

“You can’t push a rope.”